Facilitating design research and product conceptualization

  • Collaborate to design user research that reveals key product opportunities
  • Co-design in design workshops
  • Review concepts with users to test product + market fit, usability and usefulness.

Working with UX teams

  • Are you setting up your first UX team? We can help recruit, hire and coach.
  • Are you having trouble finding experienced practitioners? We can bring inexperienced UXers up to speed quickly, while working on your products.
  • Could your team be working more effectively? We coach UX leaders, directors, managers and their teams to help them improve and succeed.
  • Need a strategy to move up the UX Maturity model? We run an organization analysis to help co-design a plan to evolve your team from today to becoming embedded and beyond.


UX Leaders Get Togethers: Schedule peer to peer training workshops held in Boston. See what’s coming up.

Sarah has trained thousands of UX practitioners worldwide in:

  • Interaction design
  • Design thinking
  • Sketching
  • Team optimization
  • Design research
  • Process: Agile UX, Lean UX

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